Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Official TMUOTF Polling Place

I keep hearing that this is the most important election in our lifetime. In hindsight, it sure seems like we underestimated how damn important 2000 and 2004 were.

I thought that I might pop into my polling place a couple of times throughout the course of the day to see what’s happening as this thing unfolds. I'll also add CNN's vote counts at the time of each visit to see if there is a discernible shift in moods as the day unfolds.

Let's begin, shall we?

9:00am, 54 degrees, mostly sunny
0 Votes
0 %
0 Electoral Votes

0 Votes
0 %
0 Electoral Votes

At 6:45am, Jillfoil reported that the line extended out the door. I showed up at about 9am and it took me about six minutes to vote.

I was expecting to see battle lines drawn between the McCain and Obama supporters. Maybe a line of police separating them as the fanatics went bullhorn to bullhorn…

Instead, almost all of the signs and supporters were focused on local races. Whatever the opposite of a battleground state is, Massachusetts is it. We have 12 electoral votes and there isn’t any question that Obama is going to get them. I guess that means that all of the action is in the local races.

Best eyebrows of the day...and we're retiring the award.

It does make you feel kinda good about this process doesn't it?

One of the few supporters with a presidential sign.

Waiting for the coffee to kick in...

Too bad. I was hoping for more nut-jobs. But wait! What's that? On my way out I catch a glimpse of a new arrival on the scene. What's that? A kook? A nut job? Maybe even scarier...a "values voter"...

Anyway, more to follow as the day unfolds. Keep your fingers crossed that the kook quotient goes up!

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