Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Photography Blog

The Boston Globe has a photography blog called “The Big Picture” which is totally awesome. Subtitled “News Stories in Photographs”, it collects high resolution images from photographers around the world.

In the words of Alan Taylor who compiles it:
Inspired by publications like Life Magazine (of old), National Geographic, and
online experiences like's Picture Stories galleries and Brian Storm's
MediaStorm, The Big Picture is intended to highlight high-quality, amazing
imagery - with a focus on current events, lesser-known stories and, well, just
about anything that comes across the wire that looks really interesting.

The subject matter varies wildly. You might see astronomy, sports, politics, conflict, history, daily life…but the common thread is outstanding photography.

Today he’s posted a bunch of images from Obama’s presidential campaign including the picture above from a rally before 75,000 attendees in May, 2008 in Portland, Oregon. By the way, that's about half as many as attended his victory celebration at Grant Park in Chicago on election night.

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