Thursday, November 20, 2008

Don't shout out requests at rock shows...

1001 rules for my unborn son is a blog that offers a daily dose of advice suitable for fathers to pass onto sons.

I am not in complete agreement with every single idea, but I look forward to sharing many with Littlefoil.

Herewith, a sample...

276. Surround yourself with smart people.

270. Stand up to bullies. You only have to do it once.

268. Watch your language at the ballgame.

248. There is never an excuse for stealing someone's cab.

245. Look people in the eye when you thank them. Especially waiters.

236. Don't panic.

234. Thank the bus driver.

231. Keep your passport current.

225. To execute a proper tackle, lower your shoulder, not your head, and remember to wrap up.

218. Help a friend move.

208. Don't salt your food until you've tasted it.

201. Order the local specialty.

194. Have a signature dish, even if it's your only one.

189. Learn to drive a stick shift.

173. Find yourself a good hideout.

161. The keys to throwing a good party are a working stereo, Christmas lights and plenty of ice.

129. Start a band.

46. When caught in a rip-tide, swim parallel to the beach.

36. If you absolutely have to fight, punch first and punch hard.

15. Don't flatten burgers on a grill, it squeezes out all the juices.

9. Stand up for the little guy.

5. Never be afraid to ask out the best looking girl in the room.

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