Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still Super

I have seen Elle McPherson naked. Not naked. But topless. S'true. This goes back about 10 years. I was with a group of friends staying at a house on a private beach and Elle McPherson lived next door.


One our first day we all walked down the trail to the beach and literally had to step around Ms. McPherson who was sunbathing topless. I think one of us said "hello" and we set up camp about 100 feet down the beach.

What I can tell you is that Elle McPherson is right neighborly. Very nice in fact. Since she knew the owner of the house we were staying at, she came over after a couple of hours to introduce herself and say hello.

She was, by this time, no longer topless.

What I can also tell you is that she was really beautiful. Strikingly, naturally beautiful. And that was without make-up or a hair-stylist or anything. She just was.

That day came to mind when I came across these portraits by photographer Peter Lindbergh. For the September issue of Harper's Bazaar, Lindbergh shot eight super-models without make-up, excessive retouching or complicated styling.

Turns out that pretty is just pretty.

(Click on the pictures to embiggen...)

Tip of the cap to Fashionologie via Jason Kottke's blog .

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