Saturday, August 1, 2009

Get Bach

Amazon's MP3 store is running a pretty special deal: "The 99 Most Essential Bach Masterpieces" for just $2.99 .

That's over 8 hours of beautiful music for about the price of a Happy Meal.

I don't know how long the special will run so you might want to jump on this quickly. I'm downloading my tracks even as we speak.

Thanks to for the heads-up AND for the wise-crack about Happy Meals!


Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I find it impossible to believe that you are downloading Bach!?

Tim Foil said...

Hell yeah. The Minutemen one day and Back the next. I'm casting a WIDE net these days!

Anonymous said...

OK, but still hard to believe. And regarding the spelling of Bach, I will cut you lots of slack on that because its only a typo since K and H are neighbors on the keyboard and it is only mentioned because of the interesting carelessness of the NY Times! Now, thats crazy.