Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Solutions Looking for a Problem

Some products are solutions looking for a problem. (The The Snuggie and the The Grater Plater come to mind...)

But The Office Kid is not such a product.

"The Office Kid" provides childless workers with the very same luxury that people with kids have known for years, the built-in excuse.

"Sorry boss, kid's got a dentist appointment..."

"Can't stay late today, my son's got a soccer game..."

"You know I'd love to pitch-in on the project but the nanny called in sick..."

The Office Kid comes with a welcome letter with step-by-step instructions and starter excuses, a framed picture of a kid, original kids artwork for cubicle display and a menu of additional materials such as your image photoshopped into a kids sports team picture and a doctor's note on authentic stationery.

Heck, I'm using my actual kid to leave work early today and now you can too!

1 comment:

molly said...

BRilllllliant. I think I'll buy one for RK.