Thursday, October 30, 2008

Really? This is the spot?

How does an advertising agency convince a room full of executives in the financial services industry that this is the perfect ad?

Featuring music by Joanna Newsom, this thing careens from violent confrontation to love story in the span of 60 seconds.

Really? So you'll take care of my money then?


R.E.II said...

this is an introductory comment and you just made yourslef a new reader and I would like to return here?

nick said...

The dude putting his glasses away was a nice touch. Like he was putting down his dog-eared copy of Walden Pond, rubbing his bad knee that the cops broke back in '73, and strapping himself in for yet another beating.

Tim Foil said...

Totally agree Nick. I also like the moment, about 23 seconds in when a young woman subtley but visibly winces as the police dogs come out.

Notice also, at about 36 seconds in, that one protester is dressed in a bear costume and TOTALLY gets the better of one of the cops.

I keep looking at this again and again and it is totally compelling...I mean, good acting and direction and they totally capture that Pacific Northwest "thing" but that HSBC logo knocks me off a bit.

I find myself at odds with...uh, myself!

Tim Foil said...

Oh, and also, hello to r.e.ii. Whoever you are. I haven't checked out your blog other than just a quick glance but I will soon.

By the way, how did you end up here? You're totally welcome of course but I'm totally curiuous as well!

nick said...

My guess is r.e.ii's a bot.

Tim Foil said...

Damn robot overlords...

molly said...

1st, love this and might have to post it, too. with all credit going here, of course. it's really intense and i kinda hate that it ends with hsbc. i actually don't like that the girlfriend gives in at the end either. whats a tree huger doing with a tree hater? and yes, nick, i too loved the bit where the guy tucked in his glasses. really beautiful touch.

2nd: r.e.ii is definitely a bot. you, who've worked with bots, should know better. but i can understand how blogger readership excites.