Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The $730 Glass of Ice Water

Regular readers, both of you, are well aware of my quest for ice. The drama began way back at the beginning of August and continued in fits and starts through September and October.

To bring you up to speed, we have a refrigerator that has a built-in ice and water dispenser that we never bothered to connect because we’re not big ice people. However, after four years of taunts and insults from our family and friends who do enjoy ice, we decided to call a plumber to connect the fridge to a water supply. Which he did.

When the plumber left, we discovered that the ice dispenser was broken so we had an appliance guy come over to fix it. Which he did.

After waiting in vain for the machine to start making ice we discovered that the ice maker itself - not the dispenser but the maker - was also broken.

Cue the existential crisis music.

Well, as you can see in the video above, we finally have the convenience of automatic ice and water. And the glorious thing is that we don’t have to walk the additional two feet to the sink to get a glass of water! Who can guess how much time this is going to save?

And now, the final numbers:
$245 Plumbing and installation of water source
$100 Deposit for the purchase of new pfetzer unit for dispenser
$160 Balance due on pfetzer unit
$125 Appliance guy labor to install pfetzer unit
$100 New ice making unit

Mercifully, the appliance guy took pity on me and sold the new ice making unit at his cost. He also installed it for free.

So I’ve got myself a $730 glass of ice water and an appliance repairman with a heart of gold.

Nothing can stop me now.


Anonymous said...

I am willing to make a donation toward the ice, which I hope to enjoy in the future.

Arkay said...

I have a glass of water I would have sold you for only $650. Oh well.

The sound compression on the ice sounds sci-fi.

molly said...

welcome back, dude.
i'm with the whole gang, and we just watched the vid. LOVE it, and can't wait to have that rich ice!