Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here's the short story on New England weather:

Summer is great.

Autumn is beautiful.

Winter is great if you have a warm sweater and the right attitude.

Spring is awful. Muddy, rainy, misty, bone-chilling, buggy rotten.

Plan your visits accordingly.

Fall in New England is all harvest festivals and hayrides and cider and clear blue skies. It smells earthy and crisp and good.

And also there are the leaves. And the thousands upon thousands of people who come to see them. Imagine fleets of Oldsmobile’s parked at knick-knack choked bed & breakfasts across New Hampshire and Vermont. They come in busses and RV’s just to look at leaves.

The weather reports in October track the band of “peak foliage” as it moves from Nova Scotia and Maine down through the White Mountains and across western Massachusetts into Rhode Island.

It’s never been my particular passion but this year a wet summer and September’s warm days and cold nights have made for unusually bright colors.

These two pictures were taken within five minutes of our house and it just reminds me how much I love where we live.

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