Thursday, October 2, 2008

Now that we have that out the way….

Ye gads. Now that I am no longer a fugitive from unscrupulous sealcoaters, I want to share with you just what the hell I was thinking.

And here is where I bloviate about experimenting with narrative within the confines of the blog form while using written, visual and audio elements typical to the medium.

And here is where you roll your eyes and click away….

Actually, the idea was born partly out of my desire to keep the posts coming and partly because I wanted to come up with some inventive ways to incorporate video into TMUOTF.

The business card was real as was the hand written note on the back. I found it funny that the message on the back was so cryptic and that started my mind to wandering.

By chance I had to go to Toronto for work so I saw an opportunity to add the word “international” to the word “intrigue.” The role of the guy following me was played, unwittingly, by my boss.

I didn’t have an ending in mind. Or a middle for that matter. I just kept unfolding the story as I went along until I found myself holed up in the seedy motel. And then I started trying to figure out how to end it.

Meanwhile, I had lots of other things that I wanted to post but I felt that I had to see this story to its conclusion without interruption. I thought that breaking away to post something else would destroy my “alternate reality." I mean, why on earth would a guy on the lam take the time to blog about the financial bailout bill?

Anyway, my post-mortem on the entire episode is basically that in the beginning it was fun and interesting (for me I mean, not necessarily for you) but that it became tiresome and confining towards the end. It was probably a valuable exercise for me as a novice blogger and I won’t promise that something like that won’t appear on TMUOTF again. (Notice that I didn’t not use a double negative there…)

That said, it’s a bit of a relief to be moving on.

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Anonymous said...

It was fun; you should dop more of them. Who did you get to do the "You have Langley" voice?