Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ye Gads

I follow enough blogs to know that going weeks at a time without new content or comment is a sure-fire way to cull the readership. I have always had the goal of a post every other day and in August I managed 19 in 31 days and I felt pretty good about it.

Then came September and after two updates on September 2 I fell off the face of the earth. Work got hairy and pushed everything else to the sidelines.

If you clicked over a few times only to be disappointed by weeds growing on buildings, I’m sorry about that.

But work really has been off-the-wall crazy. And I don’t want to add too much to that other than to say I’ve been right on the edge of keeping my shit together. I mean RIGHT on the edge.

Now it’s the first Sunday in October – October. Can you believe it? – and I’ve just put LittleFoil down for a nap. If I’m lucky I’ve got two hours. So here we go…

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