Friday, December 19, 2008

Not nearly a foot...

It has officially stopped snowing. 10:37pm and we didn't quite reach the 8-12" forecasted.

More like 6-7".

After all of the hype, it's almost disappointing until you step outside and hear the quiet. The wind is picking up and it's not too cold so the snow is drifting and smooth like a heavy blanket. It's so nice...

There will be some shoveling to do in the morning but nothing to keep us from my father's birthday party.

That's our car under there...with the wipers still upright and locked! Should be a pretty easy morning all things considered.

More snow is due over the weekend. And the forecast calls for in-laws as well! We'll have a full house with plenty of strong backs to handle whatever nature throws at us!


Anonymous said...

Lin . . . er, ah .. . Tim! Keep the photos coming. I am heading to florida to make sure I don't even come close to the so-called 'quiet' snow.

Question: If two cars crash while your watching from inside your house, do they make a noise?

Say happy b-day to your father for me.

molly said...

is that what you're SUPPOSED to do with windshield wipers in the snow? i had NO idea!