Friday, January 22, 2010

One way or another I'm going to convince FOT Pat to check in here once-in-a-while...

...and if that means posting a rare color photo of The Beatles from 1957, then so be it.

In this picture, George Harrison is 14, Paul McCartney is 15 and John Lennon is 16. And technically they weren't The Beatles yet, they were The Quarrymen.

From All That's Interesting via Brainpicker via Jason Kottke .


Patrick said...

So, this is an interesting picture that reminds me in a funny way of early ICHTM...George is Pete 'Best Dressed', John looks like Rich Nash who wasn't in the band but did sit quietly next to me at the bar at Great Scott's while I talked Bob Labell (sp?), bar manager, into having us play and convinced him that we would pack the place on any Tuesday night. Young Paul is somewhat Young Lintonesque (who's he?) and the guy on the right looks a bit like Tim Foil circa 1996. Bob would appear to be like Ringo, who was actually not in the band yet, but only in the sense that he is not in the picture does he resemble Ringo in this case. Ah...the gift of music...we love yah Cincinnati!

molly said...

i LOVE this