Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flip a coin...

While surfing around on my new phone during the past week, I’ve been picking up on the over-the-top buzz about Apple’s press conference earlier today. They announced a new device called the iPad which caught absolutely no one by surprise.

It also happens that Barak Obama will be delivering his State of the Union speech tonight.

Based on my focus-group-of-one, it appears that the entire webish world was crawling out of their pants in anticipation of the Apple announcement. Obama? Not so much.

To determine whether or not my observation was valid or just a case of confirmation bias I did a quick Google search on “state of the union” which returned 87,300,000 hits.

I did a search on “Apple press conference” and was deluged with 168,000,000 hits.

While not entirely scientific, this appears to confirm that the world is upside down and bass-akwards.

(I should dismount from my high horse because I can almost guarantee you that I will not be tuning in to the SOTU either.)

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