Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No more space in this space.

My good friend Molly threw a cold glass of water in my face the other day. You may have seen it in the comments section of my July 16, 2009 post about the launch anniversary of Apollo 11. “You have officially become a space blog. That’s cool, but you are a space blog.”

And while I like spacey things, I don’t want to be a space blog. In the first place, there are other and better space blogs out there. Lots of them. In the second place, my interests are more varied and tend to wax and wane. And in the third place, if I go all-space-all-the-time I’m liable to lose many of my regular readers. (!!)

I’ve been kind of crazy about space this month because of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission but even my mom is tuning this stuff out!

So I’m declaring a moratorium on space posts. That’s it. No more space.

Maybe if I see something that absolutely boggles the mind, I’ll lift the moratorium but for now, consider this a safe haven of space-free goodness.

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