Friday, July 24, 2009

Enough with the space already! I know. You're right. Just about.

Ever since I saw this video...

I became fascinated by the story of Joseph Kittinger. He's the guy in the first half of that video and he holds the records for highest balloon ascent, highest parachute jump, longest drogue-fall (4 min), and fastest speed by a human through the atmosphere.

In fact, I posted a story about him last August ...I mean, I think he's a movie waiting to happen.

I found some more interesting video about him recently that includes a some rather haunting audio clips of his voice.

The edge of space there...what is that primal thing inside of me that responds so deeply to that? Remember when I posted this picture back in May?

You DO see it...right? Do you know what I'm talking about? Is it a human thing or does just strike me in an unusual way? When I let my mind walk around, I wonder if that gut response is a product of the fact that evolved on earth and that any experience away from the environment in which we were shaped is bound to bring about some kind of...shift in bound to blow our minds?

How universal is that I wonder? Is that a human experience or just my experience?

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