Friday, January 16, 2009

For Arkay’s bike…

In 2007 there were 43,000 bike accidents in the US resulting in 698 deaths. Good data is available showing that bike lanes are effective at reducing accidents but they are expensive to install and like all things governmental (except the banking industry bailout), they takes forever to implement.

Altitude, Inc. has designed a laser system that mounts onto a bicycle and creates an illuminated, easy-to-avoid bike lane visible to drivers.

Dude! Frickin’ laser beams!


Rog said...

Funny you should bring this up. I just had to beat down my 16 year old niece who said she didn't think bikes should have use of public streets. OK, she's a head strong, teenage girl, but naive stupidity will not be tolerated.

Arkay said...

That is such a cool concept. I'd love to see the laser projection in action. Though it doesn't widen a narrow street lined with cars, more visibility is always good.

I've been doored (someone who is parked and opens their car door into traffic), I've had my bike run over by a city bus (I jumped off in time), and a whole host of near-misses. Mostly because drivers can't see, don't look, or don't realize there are other people in the world besides themselves.

I'm now at the "I don't care how nerdy I look" stage.

Orange vest! Lights! Helmet! Action!

And Rog - sorry to hear about your niece. Sounds like she needs to get back on a bicycle. :)

Fun post, thanks!!

Rog said...

Arkay, funny you should mention the 'accidents'. I was run over by a delivery truck (the bike was kiled, I escaped with road rash) in California which made me convert to mt. biking.

molly said...

and YOU, mr. foil, gave me my very first helmet after i was doored...i finally wore it and now am never without.
but i want those laser things too!
i told arkay that i want to illuminate my entire bike!