Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everything that Happens will Happen Today

In 1981, David Byrne and Brian Eno put out a crazy-good record called “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.”

Now that I think about it, that record might have been the first of many good recommendations over the years from my friend Nick.

The record has since been lauded as a wildly influential precursor to electronica, world music and sampling. I know…world music. Not my thing either but this is a great record. That it was produced before digital technology makes it even more remarkable.

I even remember that Oliver Stone used some of it in “Wall Street.”

Anyway, Eno and Byrne have just released a new record called “Everything that Happens will Happen Today” and they’re streaming it for free on the website

It sounds really good.

Here is what Byrne has to say on the website:

Brian Eno and I recently finished our first collaboration in about 30 years. The name of the new record is Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. For the most part, Brian did the music and I wrote some tunes, words and sang. It's familiar but completely new as well. We're pretty excited.

The album is available exclusively from this Web site. You can stream all of the songs for free and purchase it in a variety of digital and physical formats, including a limited edition Deluxe Package designed by Sagmeister Inc. All formats can be downloaded immediately and physical CDs will be shipped in the Fall.


molly said...

first of all, they're both amazing. secondly, the title of that album is to die for! thirdly, kaari posted one of the greatest (current) photos of byrne ever on her blog.

George Theodore said...

the actual link is:

Tim Foil said...

George Theodore,

You're right. I fixed the typo this morning. This afternoon I will be firing the staffer responsible for the error!