Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family Vacation!

This is me swimming in Maine. Or rather, this is me just a half second before I began swimming. That’s Lucy with me – one of the all-time great dogs.

Lucy isn’t with us anymore but Ruby has joined the family and is currently working her way up to “most favored dog status.”

On Friday, we're loading up the family truckster and Ruby, Jillfoil, Littlefoil and I are going back to the lake for a week of swimming and hiking and biking and camp-firing.

Wholesome as all get out.

I'm hoping to keep work distractions to a minimum...but you know how that goes.

No blogging either. But I promise pictures and stories when I get back.

1 comment:

molly said...

that choppy dark and ryan are lake swimmers. me, i like a bathtub.