Saturday, November 5, 2011

Palmer! Merritt! Gaiman! Moby!

We opened the Degas and the Nude exhibition at the museum a few weeks ago, the last hurrah of departing Art of Europe Chair George Shackelford who will be joining the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas as Senior Deputy Director.

Just before the opening Shackelford was conducting a private tour for Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls and her husband, author Neil Gaiman. (Caution, more name dropping to follow...)

So moved by the exhibition was Palmer that she undressed on the spot and posed in repose while Gaiman took the opportunity to sketch her. It was a non-event event but caused snickers in the local paper for a few days after.'s Palmer and Gaiman on Halloween, along with Moby and Stephin Merritt (the Magnetic Fields guy, sounding typically baritonishly great) performing "Science Fiction/Double Feature" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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