Saturday, October 29, 2011

Longshoremans Local 374

It was a good night to watch “On The Waterfront.” It was cold and rainy, a scrappy kind of night. And I was in the right mood.

And in 2011, 57 years after its release, “On the Waterfront” is equally timely and dated.

Timely because the fight against power, tyranny and corruption resonates and reflects the 99% ethic of the Occupy movement. Dated because of the abdication of responsibility by the Catholic Church for social justice and morality.

Karl Malden’s Father Barry, as the moral center of the movie, is unrecognizable. A crusading priest today? Show me one. While the Pope crusades agains condom use in AIDS torn Africa, local clergy remain circumspect about molestation and abuse but are firm and engaged in the fight against equality and justice for the marginalized.

What a difference 57 years makes. The roles are the same but the players are unrecognizable. Father Barry? What a laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Father Barry didn't have to worry about keeping his Lexus and country club membership