Friday, February 27, 2009

Down With OPP...

…which in this case refers to “other people’s photos.” About 10 years ago, a guy in Maine came across a battered old camera in a thrift shop. He noticed that there was an undeveloped roll of film inside and he bought it for a quarter.

When he developed the film he found five or six slides that blew him away and an obsession was born.

He began collecting undeveloped film from across the country – at yard sales, thrift shops and garbage dumps.

His discoveries are pretty extraordinary. No professional shots, no gorgeous scenery, just people. Just great “snapshots” with all the 50’s and 60’s connotations that that word implies.

It’s all posted at . Kill some time there. It’s fun.

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molly said...

holy sheet.
you knew this would suck me in, didn't you!